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Lần thứ nhất khi Bàng Sĩ Bân và Hà Thu Nhiên lăn lăn lộn lộn trên giường, hai người làm đủ màn dạo đầu nóng bỏng, toàn thân nóng bừng vì dục hỏa thiêu đốt…

“Này, em yêu…” Thở hổn hển, đang trong tình trạng nguy cấp anh lại lề mề, không chịu xông vào thành.

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Cara Ellison

I’m kind of loving the Mommy Blogs lately. I don’t have a damn thing in common with any of the women who write them, and I find the kids frankly annoying, but I just love their appreciation for the moments. The fractions. The days. The hours. They remind me to breathe. And they remind me that there are lives, some of them quite happy, in the houses that I pass every day on my way to run, or wherever I’m going that seems so important.

My favorite right now is Joy Unexpected. If this woman came up to me and slapped me, I’d have no idea who she is, yet I know her daughter farted and told her to upload it to YouTube, which is just awesome. There’s something just hilarious and post-modernly strange about that. Knowing the details but not the big picture, which I think…

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1. Magnificent waves/
Menacing shoreline swimmers/
Cold vaulted peril/

2. Temporary vaults/
Suspended over laced floors/
Eternal seconds/

3a. White marble of foam/
Temporary parqueting:/
Wave cathedral’s floor/

3b. Perfect froth levels/
People’s secular concerns/
To build faith anew/

4. Nature’s architect/
Is physics’ gravity &/

5. Each breaker designed/
Thirteen billion years ago/
For just this moment/

6. Each vaulted chamber/
Replaced behind a curtain/
Of gently laced foam/

7. Each wave’s filigree/
Is Tons of weightless bubbles/
Polishing sand’s grains/

9. Sand we can build with/
But waves we simply observe/
Already perfect/

10. Fluid majesty/
Obeys temporarily/
Mortal human claims/

11. Understanding of/
Gravity’s architecture/
Can’t change anything/

12. Our powerlessness/
Surprises only our wills/
& our proud Egos/

13. Bodies understand/
The limitations of life/
While Ego bristles/

14. Magic of the…

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Hey Ya’ll! I’m writing this on a verrrry sleepy Tuesday night. I’m not gonna lie, I am downright pooped out!!! I feel like everything is starting to catch up with me at the moment and my energy is wearing thin. I guess I can’t be going at top speed all the time! Remember my poppy-love from Sunday’s snaps? Well I couldn’t get the poppies out of my brain, and I decided to dedicate some time to appreciate them even more by making a little watercolour/drawing.

Anyways that’s it for today! Have a great middle of the week…!! Adios for now!

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Boomie Bol

When Boomie Bol graciously accepted my offer to write a guest post I was flattered and excited yet I had no idea where to begin.

What aspect of my life to I draw upon?

All my blogs are journals of sorts that aim to provide advice. By sharing my experiences I hope that I can help others in some small way.

But, what would readers of Boomie’s beautiful poetry be interested in?

Whilst I don’t consider myself an author, I can string a few words together that occasionally resemble a coherent sentence.

I am a photographer by trade so I could relate something of my current travels in Tokyo, Japan.

But then there’s the whole process of my losing weight recently that has taught me a lot about food, mental strength and physical fitness.

Yet if I like to help others, doesn’t it make sense to do something for…

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